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NEW! Fresh Mask

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Fresh notes of Lavandin, Tea Tree, and Black Spruce help keep bacteria off your mask with this crisp-smelling antimicrobial spray!

Lavandin is a hybrid of Lavender with camphor undertones (think Vicks, without the carcinogens) - it helps open the respiratory airways naturally, and has strong antibacterial properties to help combat bacteria growth on your mask. 

Pink Grapefruit is high in limonene, a naturally occurring chemical constituent responsible for its sweet, juicy aroma, to help heighten mood, cleanse, and support metabolism (say what?). Yes - grapefruit oil can help regulate metabolism. This is not the all clear to go and binge on Cheetos, but it's a gentle hug, to remind you not to emotionally binge. So if your freshly sprayed mask is on and you're in the grocery store, you may be a little less inclined to comb the inside aisles. ;)

Last but never least -  Black Spruce. For those who know me, this is my all-time favourite essential oil. It has the highest energetic frequency of ALL essential oils (even Rose). It's wonderful at raising your vibration and invigorating the senses. So, if you have to put a mask on, you might as well inhale some good cheer, yes?

Ingredients: Lavandin, Black Spruce, Pink Grapefruit, Witch Hazel, Distilled Water

Application: Spritz onto mask, and allow to dry before putting mask on. Avoid eyes.