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Do you feel like the energy in your home has shifted? Perhaps someone’s anger had left the room feeling heavy, or your own energy is off. Maybe you’ve just moved into a new place, or have been kooked up in your own place for too long? (Said everyone who lived through 2020!) Whatever the reason, a good spiritual cleanse can help lift the energies in the room.

Native North Americans have long used medicinal herbs in cleansing rituals to rid the air of negative feelings, energies, and emotions. The aromas stimulate our brains to release beta-endorphins, raising our energetic frequencies.

Smudging dried herb bundles is not always conducive to small condos like mine though - or hypersensitive fire alarms. One effective way to cleanse the air without the smoke, is by distributing the essential oils of the medicinal herbs into the air in a spray bottle.

I’ve used oils here that are traditionally used in cleansing rituals, like Palo Santo, Himalayan Cedarwood, Indian Frankincense, and Sage. The sacred oils are safely diluted with distilled water that has been charged with the high frequency resonating from singing bowls. Water alone has immense cleansing properties, it knows no boundaries!

Set your intentions, play some music - drumming, bells, chanting etc. and send the revered oils into the air as you swirl in their sweet, woodsy aroma...

Ingredients: Palo Santo, Frankincense, Himalayan Cedarwood, Sage, Distilled water